What do you think? What do you speak?

For years I made assumptions and presumptions about what I expected or thought that somebody would do, based on what they said. This kind of attitude has brought nothing but a lot of unnecessary anxiety and mental agony – when they did something that was not in line with what was expected. They say something, so naturally you expect them to do something that would be be consistent with their words. And – they do something totally different. That’s what sets my mind rolling.

I believe that I am a very straight and clear thinking guy. I speak what I actually think. Problem is I assumed other people do the same. Boy!!!!………I was so wrong.I can’t even admire something or give a compliment when i don’t think its worth – just for the sake of giving it – because everybody else does it and you’re expected to. Sorry but I just can’t.

Its only in the last couple of years or so that I’ve begun to understand and digest the fact that not everybody is so clear thinking and Honest. It bothers me though. I can’t get over with it so easily.

I also wonder as to what kind of lives these people live: those whose thought and speech are not in tandem, who don’t think clearly. How exactly do they take their decisions? Of-course there are times which demand you think, do consultations before you take your decisions. I am not referring to those situations.

I am referring to very simple situations – like ‘The Handwriting is on the wall’ type of situations. In such cases how different are the decisions of those people from mine? – that I want to know.


About ekaisegaganketale

A little reserved, honest, Inquisitive & a bit lost.
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