Including women and children….

“Patna: A train rammed into a passenger bus carrying 30 people at an unmanned railway crossing 25 Kms from here. All the passengers were killed including 25 women and children.”

Whats so special about the news item above. ……Nothing. Such news items appear almost everyday in news papers in our country. Life is cheap.

Its even cheaper if you’re a grown-up male. Yea!!!!!! …….Its last 4 words ‘Including women and children’ that you’ll observe in every similar news item whether print media or electronic media. And it has been bothering me for quite some time now.

Why exactly is it necessary to make that specification? What about the other deceased who are not ‘Women and Children’? What are they?

Animals? ….no
What haan? Men? ……….Yea right. Oh but their lives don’t count honey!!!!!. Oooh is it?


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A little reserved, honest, Inquisitive & a bit lost.
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