The Ultimate Optimist

It was 31st August 2008 – the second day of our (Me and Yatin) 15 day Motorcycle trip to Ladakh.

We spent our first night in a beautiful hamlet called Sundernagar(135 Kms before Manali) in HP. The next morning we got up at 5:30, got ready, packed our bags on our m’cycles. Yatin – a very good photographer also had a tripod which he tied horizontally on his bag slightly prodtruding outside. As we were pulling our m’cycles in reverse out of the temple complex and through the narrow lanes of that town…..Yatin’s tripod hit a Milkman’s bicycle with 4 huge cans full of milk.  The sound of the can’s crashing on the street woke up about half a dozen families. The milkman himself was delivering milk in the nearby houses came rushing.
As expected most of milk in the cans spilled all over the road. About a dozen ppl gathered around and the milkman was like…..

‘Yeh kya kar diya aapne. Samaj mein nahi aata. Ab aapko iski bharpai karni padegi. Mein paas ke gaon mein se doodh laata hoon ab aaj in logon ko kya doonga’.
There were other ppl around too making similar remarks.  Visible angry. For that man was their only source of milk and almost all of it had been spilled. Without the milk – they could forget having tea for the day.
And we were cursing ourselves – that was no way to start such a journey. It was my friends fault so ultimately we paid that guy Rs 300/- and settled the issue and just as we were about to leave there was this OLD WISE man who had been observing the whole affair all along standing in one corner. There was an air to this old man. And his voice.   He comes up and says to us…
Dekho bhai…. Achcha hua hai ki jo durghatna ghatni thi who subah subah hee ghat gai. Ab din mein aage koi durghatna nahi ghategi. Ab aap apna safar befikar hoke aaram se karo. Shubh yatra!!!!

No untoward incident happend again that day.
It wasn’t before evening when we were just relaxing at the banks of the Beas in Manali recounting the day that had just passed that we realized the profoundity of  what that man had said. At this we thought……that is some way of thinking. For most of us …an accident early in the morning  would mean a bad day ahead. This old man……he was one hell of an optimist.

So folks…….the next time something goes wrong in the morning…… you know that its gonna be a great day ahead!!!!
Good Luck!!!


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