Violent Nights…

Winter nights are generally quieter compared to summer nights – people retire early to their beds, fewer vehicles on the road so lesser honking etc. But that’s not the case here in Baroda at least. Courtesy: The Great Indian Railways.

I live about a Kilometer from the Railway Station as the crow flies. Come 3:00 AM and terrifying loud honks of Locomotives approaching the Station wakes you up. And it doesn’t stop there – it continues all through till the morning. The honking doesn’t start at 3 though. Its just that maximum number of trains passing through Baroda at night pass at around that time it seems – the time when most people are in the best phase of their sleep. Its as if its mandatory for each of them to honk, sometimes together, sometimes one after the other awaiting their turn as if playing in an orchestra.

Honestly speaking – its not that they honk only in Winters. Buggers honk all through the year but the effect of the sound is more in winter because there are no other sounds like that of A/C’s, Fans and the air being heavy the effect is much more prominent. 2 different Rajdhani trains pass through Baroda between 3:00-5:00 AM in the morning. You can even hear the noise of the EoG(End on Generation) vans at either ends of rake. Why can’t they just procure generators with better silencers. Who gives a damn!!!!!!

In this age of Technology, GPS, Computerised Signalling Systems – I don’t understand why these loco-pilots have to honk so much. And i live a KM from the line. I can only imagine the lives of the people living right next to it. Once your sleep is broken – its next to impossible to get back to sleep because the honking just won’t stop till morning. Its terrible.

I’ve finally made up my mind to write to the Divisional Railway Manager.

Will it work? You guess!!!!


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