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What happened in Peshawar.

The most original writing I’ve come across in a long time…by Malayam poet and lyricist Rafeeq Ahamed Read on… “What is the history of religion if not a continuum of crusades, jihads, assassinations and communal riots? The value systems … Continue reading

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Blame the British…

Every time I am in a discussion on issues related to poverty or infrastructure(or the lack of  it) in this country with friends or colleagues – somebody has to blame the British for it all – “Buggers took everything from … Continue reading

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They have sown the wind. They’ll reap the Whirlwind

145 people including 132 children were killed  in the  Peshawar School Attack. Horrendous and shocking as it is  I am not really surprised they choose to attack a school. Forget the reason they gave – (avenging the killing of their … Continue reading

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Enough has been said and written about social discrimination people in our country face for belonging to a particular caste, colour, language or race. This post is not about that. People even in the west face some kind of discrimination … Continue reading

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Photography strictly prohibited…

You’ll find that sign  on every dam, every bridge, every airfield in this country. Relics of the Raj. It made sense in those days when intelligence had to be gathered physically on the ground. There were no satellites then. But … Continue reading

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