Photography strictly prohibited…

You’ll find that sign  on every dam, every bridge, every airfield in this country. Relics of the Raj. It made sense in those days when intelligence had to be gathered physically on the ground. There were no satellites then.

But today?  4-5 decades since the first satellite was launched!!! Makes absolutely no sense. I can understand to an extent old signboards not removed – just another example of failure  absence of Systems in this country. Absence of systems to re-look into old laws, systems, practices and change them to be in line with the current times.  On the contrary – as if this wasn’t bad enough, new sign boards are still put up every time a new bridge or a dam comes up.

Little do these bureaucrats understand that this gives the security personnel deployed on the site another opportunity to fleece unsuspecting tourists clicking pictures even when at times when no such notice board exists at that place or at least is not to be easily seen. Lack of pictures of a picturesque place also affect the tourist inflow to such places. It deprives photography enthusiasts of an opportunity to satiate their hunger for a good picture,  opportunities for which are few in our not so clean country.

You can’t go to the country side and click pictures of a beautiful railway bridge up close. Not without bribing a few policeman or begging to them. You’re at their mercy. The Indian bureaucracy derive some kind of sadistic pleasure making the common man plead and beg. Makes them feel important and powerful. They live in denial, in an era which is long gone. In this age of Satellites & Google Maps/Earth they’re outdated – to think that preventing people from taking pictures would protect our buildings.

Its frustrating!!!


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A little reserved, honest, Inquisitive & a bit lost.
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