They have sown the wind. They’ll reap the Whirlwind

145 people including 132 children were killed  in the  Peshawar School Attack. Horrendous and shocking as it is  I am not really surprised they choose to attack a school. Forget the reason they gave – (avenging the killing of their families by the Pak Army) irrespective of whether their reasoning is true, irrespective of whether they themselves believe in their reasoning  – this attack on the school was coming in any case.

I mean think about it – in a long war – you must ensure that you cut off your enemies supply lines. You destroy his factories. You deprive him of his weapons. That’s exactly what the Taliban did right – only in this case – the Children were the enemy’s Weapons and the School – their Factory.They needed absolutely no reason to do this. They just had to. And that is why I also believe – this is not a one off case as some people would like to believe. This is just the beginning. There will be may more such attacks on such factories – factories which (if allowed to spread unchecked) produce the line of thought which not just questions but also threatens to wipe out the Taliban’s own fundamentalist ideology.

And this is Pakistan’s own creation. Like its said in the Bible – They (Pakistan) have sown the wind. Now they’ll reap the whirlwind. And so they already are…

They must be obliterated now – before its too late, before it consumes all of Pakistan.


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