– an irresistible compulsion to return home.

English language vocabulary amazes me. Really!!! My own vocabulary isn’t that impressive (and I am working on it) but from time to time I come across words in the english language – words I’ve never heard before -but I can so relate to them. This was the word of the day some time back on this app from that I’ve on my phone.

So here it goes – come 6-7 PM or whatever the quitting time is and the shutter must come down for me. I’ve to return home from office. I just can’t stay a minute more. I become desparate & cranky. I stop talking to people around me at that time. I run…. literally!!! My effeciency is at it peak in the early hours of the work day, but my speed is at its maximum at 5:45. I try and wind up whatever is remaining and RUN. So much that some times I’ll even keep things pending, come to office early the following day to finish them, but I won’t sit past the quitting time. And I hate it when I’ve to sit past the quitting time because somebody else isn’t ready to give me his input on which I depend because he/she came late and they don’t mind sitting extra hours and expect me to do the same. I don’t put with that shit! I let them know.

I have this thing – I don’t like spending evenings within 4 walls. I feel choked. I’ve to see the vast open sky at dusk. I’ve to feel the evening breeze. I’ve to be the free man…

Does this happen to you too? What do you when you feel so?


About ekaisegaganketale

A little reserved, honest, Inquisitive & a bit lost.
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3 Responses to Nostomania

  1. hungoutodry says:

    Since i work from home during the day, I grab any excuse to get out in the evening with a friend for a movie, coffee or long drive. Sometimes just being home by myself can be such a happy thing on the odd weekend.


  2. simple girl says:

    hmm.. happens to me..


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