A Bridge Too Far…

WWII movie buffs like me would know exactly what this title is!!  Wonderful movie as it was – this post isn’t about the movie. For I’ve my own story to share here. I’ve been hooked to beautiful bridges ever since I saw the movie – “The Bridge over the River Kwai

I cannot ever stop admiring a good bridge. They mesmerize me each time I pass by. There’s a certain type of romance associated with them. I particularly like Wooden and Steel bridges. And the Bridge over the River Kwai has a special place in my heart. What a marvelous piece of engineering it was. I’ve no clue who designed it. And it’s really stupid you know  – having to build such a beautiful bridge, in one of the most picturesque locations possible only to blow it up – just so that you can have your perfect shot. Months and months of effort gone down the drain river in a matter of seconds. As if this was not bad enough – they even had a train passing through just as it was being blown up. I’d rather not describe the scene.

Kwai Bridge

The Bridge over the River Kwai

I am so madly in love with this bridge – I had to make a model of it – for my living room. So it’s always there in front of my eyes. I did start working on it. Spent about a couple of weeks constructing its 2 main hexagonal? sections. Some of my calculations went wrong and  there was a difference of about 1/2 cm in the deck height between the 2 structures. Which means that I can’t construct the deck before first aligning the deck height. And this was a YEAR ago!!! I spend 2 weeks constructing the most difficult sections and what should take a day or two to complete has been waiting all this while. The title makes sense now??

I don’t want to post incomplete pictures. It’s still a Bridge Too Far…like many other bridges all over the world.

This also brings to fore a desire I’ve had for long – to actually work on a real bridge. I am a software engineer by training & profession and it’s not the most satisfying professions as in – it is exciting at times but I don’t think I can ever derive the kind of satisfaction or joy or a sense of achievement/fulfillment associated with building a bridge ( or any other infrastructure for that matter – that connects people). I envy those engineers and workers and each time I see a picture of them – huddled together,  helmets on, faces covered with soot,  smiling, pride on their faces : they’ve just connected the 2 ends of the bridge – I want to be there!!! And that satisfaction is not just for the moment. It’s there for every single moment of their lives. Every time they pass by with their families, kids, friends they can say, with their hearts filled with pride – “We worked on this bridge”.

And I’ll never be able to do that. For me it’ll always be the Bridge Too Far….

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