About Me

A lover of Mountains and Forests and Rivers and Trees – I love to walk, I love to Jog, I love to Trek and I love Running.

I am proud and I am content.

I cherish long conversations with friends and like minded people. I hate crowds. Though not a loner – in fact I love being among friends and family – I do enjoy some  solitude once in a while.

As a kid – I had a childhood most kids would only dream of. The decade after that however – was a period of turmoil. It made me extremely bitter. I am still trying to cleanse myself of that bitterness, shed that baggage – as I write this.

I’ve learned to forgive. And am learning to move on. It’s a slow process but at least its working 🙂 . I am not the person I used to be 10 years ago. From being extremely judgemental – I’ve come to become pretty unassuming.

This blog was started during one of those lonlier phases of my life – as an outlet to vent out these feelings.

Not lonely any more – I am Happily Married!!!