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Empty cage without a bird…

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  “…Which means appreciating them just the way they are.” – I am really not there yet!!! Don’t know if I ever will be. I mean I am not sure if I can “appreciate” people the way they are. Accepting…..yes. … Continue reading

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A Nemesis

In andheron se, jujhunga kaise, Is tarah roshni, itni main jheloon… Yadoon ki bheed takra rahi yun, Haath baandhe hue choor ho loon, Chatpataate hriday ko daya kar…saans lene ka adhikaar de do, de do Maine tumse kuch nahi maanga…

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite a long time. Somehow – it kept getting delayed – or may be I do procrastinate sometimes. Just a couple of days ago while on a vacation with some close friends … Continue reading

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A Bridge Too Far…

WWII movie buffs like me would know exactly what this title is!!  Wonderful movie as it was – this post isn’t about the movie. For I’ve my own story to share here. I’ve been hooked to beautiful bridges ever since … Continue reading

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The rule of Giving/Helping

I used to help people when they asked for help or give them things they needed – when they needed it – expecting them to reciprocate similarly when I needed help. And when they didn’t – it made me miserable. … Continue reading

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Another masterpiece…

Another masterpiece from Gulzar and composer Vanraj Bhatia’s perfect choice of the ever sublime Bhupinder Singh!!! Jab kabhi mud ke, dekhta hoon main… Even after so many  years of listening to Hindi film songs,  every once in a while I … Continue reading

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The questions you’re asked when you apply for a leave…in INDIA

I was catching up with a close friend who has just returned from the US after a 6 year stint and obviously  if you both happen to be in the same line of work the conversation is bound to steer … Continue reading

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– an irresistible compulsion to return home. English language vocabulary amazes me. Really!!! My own vocabulary isn’t that impressive (and I am working on it) but from time to time I come across words in the english language – words I’ve … Continue reading

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What happened in Peshawar.

The most original writing I’ve come across in a long time…by Malayam poet and lyricist Rafeeq Ahamed Read on… “What is the history of religion if not a continuum of crusades, jihads, assassinations and communal riots? The value systems … Continue reading

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