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Blame the British…

Every time I am in a discussion on issues related to poverty or infrastructure(or the lack of  it) in this country with friends or colleagues – somebody has to blame the British for it all – “Buggers took everything from … Continue reading

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Photography strictly prohibited…

You’ll find that sign  on every dam, every bridge, every airfield in this country. Relics of the Raj. It made sense in those days when intelligence had to be gathered physically on the ground. There were no satellites then. But … Continue reading

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In the name of Religion…

Find a beautiful mountain, Drill a hole in it, stuff it with dynamite & 3…..2…..1….. BOOM!!! There goes the mountain- call it a creation of God or a result of millions of years of nature’s processes – destroyed within a … Continue reading

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Where exactly are we headed?

The India Shining campaign/ The Growth Story has been going on for quite some time now. All the popular websites and newspapers all over the country have gone overboard on it. There is this talk of India poised to become … Continue reading

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